Order any Sunshine Café merchandise between July 17th and July 24th for a chance to win exclusive Sunshine Cafe merch! 50 items will be signed by author Karrigan Taylor all “smelling cute” just like her!

All shirts and hoodies of all sizes have the chance to win! Merchandise will be shipped in the next few weeks and 50 lucky fans should expect to receive their exclusive items by September 2024. If you are one of the lucky 50 to receive a shirt or hoodie:

  1. Upload a photo of it with the signature for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind signed Karrigan Taylor polaroid selfie.
  2. Use #sunshinegatcha on X and tag @VoyceMe by September 13th.

On September 14th, winners will be notified from the official @VoyceMe official X account, and polaroids will be shipped out! Good luck everyone!