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[PRE-ORDER] Outkast Origins

[PRE-ORDER] Outkast Origins

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Note: Pre-orders will be shipped out starting April 15, 2024. 

Art & Character Design
Bimp Dela Peña

Original Story
Michael Christine
Stanislas Juery

Michael Christine
Eli Garcia

RK Gaylon

Plot Summary
In the captivating world of Outkast Origins where sci-fi meets fantasy, Zara, the chosen prophet of Malaya, is unexpectedly captured by the mighty Durashan Federation. Amidst shadows and uncertainty, she finds an unlikely ally in Prince Gin, the disgraced and overlooked third sibling of the Durashan royal family. With no one else to trust, Zara and Gin are reluctantly thrust together, delving into an ancient web of lies, betrayal, war, and deceit that threatens to send both of their nations spiraling into chaos by undermining the very beliefs they were built upon. As they navigate this treacherous landscape with death and betrayal around every corner the duo unwittingly unravels secrets that could either save or doom their world, forcing readers to choose a side in the blurry lines of right and wrong in a world where nothing is as it seems.

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